If you are following the Grand Prix, you already know Thomas Gostner. He participated in 16 Grand Prix, including 5 Finals. He is a great competitor, also enjoying classic competition. Indeed, he represented Italy in no more than 12 World Championships and 8 European Championships!

Thomas has been passionate about flying since his young age, when he was with his father flying remote controlled airplanes. He loves speed, adrenaline and piloting his planes and fast cars on the track. So the Grand Prix format with his Regatta start is perfect for him. We asked what helped him to reach international level, he replied: “I made many competitions until reaching the level” so it is all about work, training and do it again till you win! 

Thomas enjoys flying the mountain ridges, from his great Italian Alps to the stunning mountain of Chile. He knows St-Auban playground very well and took part in the first Grand Prix Final in 2005 where he finished 6th. He will be again a very interesting challenger in this year's Grand Prix Final.

We are looking forward to seeing his big smile on the grid and sharing his enthusiasm for the competition. You want to know more about Thomas? Enjoy his Fast’n’Curious interview, epic!