Mario Kiessling is one of the best German pilots. He is the 2009 European Champion and he has won 5 silver medals at World Championships. He is also an accomplished GP pilot who won 3 bronze medals and took part in 11 SGPs. 

Mario comes from a family of pilots. He started to fly with his father at 15 in Malmsheim near Stuttgart. His best memories of flights are in the mountains area, from Prievidza, Rieti, Varese, St-Auban and Chile.  When asked what he likes in gliding competitions, he replies: “I like the direct comparison even in, sometimes, poor weather conditions. It is the best opportunity to learn and improve”. In GP, in addition to the racing part, he is enjoying a very friendly and family atmosphere which is different from traditional competitions.

In St-Auban, he will be one of the favourites. Indeed, he was already second at the first GP in St-Auban in 2005, and 3rd in 2008, and was on a podium in almost all the competitions he flew these past years. We are really looking forward to following “Super Mario” and hope for him that this year no “banana skin” will sweep him off the top of the podium.

You can find here, his fast and curious interview!