If you know SGP, you know Rene Vidal. He is an accomplished SGP pilot, competing in 9 of them, including 4 Finals. He also competed in 2 World Championships and a South America Gliding championship. He is also the FAI-IGC representative of Chile and a VIP for all SGP pilots, as creators of the “Zero point Club”... even if he always leaves this club before the end of the competition!

He started flying in Chile, first RC models, and then he had the possibility to try gliding and catch the bug! When asked what he likes in competitions and SGP, he replied: “I like to share with a lot of passionate pilots the pleasure to fly trying to obtain the best of the gliders, together with nature. And Grand Prix are a best place to make very good friends. Since I started flying GP in 2009, I can not stop. My best friends come from the Grand Prix environment! “

Rene knows quite a lot about the competition area of St-Auban, as he competed in the Final in Sisteron in 2014. He will be an interesting challenger who is used to GP and mountain flights. He was already asking the locals in St-Auban for the ways to manage the final glides, which altitude, which hills, ... We will for sure get his feedback during interviews and follow him racing. Go Chile! and if you want to know more about him, you can find his fast and curious interview here.