Katrin Senne is double Women's World champion and is one of the top pilots in mixed competition. She is an experienced competitor with more than 10 FAI competitions and she made a great impression in Varese for her first participation in a qualifying GP.

Katrin grew up on airfields as her Dad, Klaus Keim, was taking part in competitions all around the World. She started gliding at 14 and quickly got the virus. She is flying as much as she can, doing great flights in the Alps and sharing her passion with her Dad and now her daughter also sailplane pilot!

She also works in a gliding community, representing Jonkers Sailplanes in Europe. When asked what she likes in competitions, she replied:  “To fly faster than the others! To spend time with my friends and share experiences while doing the sport we love most!”. She is for sure a great competitor who thinks that risk management and observation are essential to win. 

In St-Auban, she will be a very interesting challenger. Indeed, she is performing well in mountain areas and her first participation in a SGP was impressive. We are looking forward to seeing her and her enthusiasm communicative on the grid as well as following her along the ridges!